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Ladies Fitness Resources - Heart Rate: Whats normal For You?

Heart Rate: Whats normal For You? The heart, it is the fundamental tool in order to transport oxygen through the blood to your body; the more oxygen that is needed to maintain the bodies pace, the more the heart works to sustain it until your body starts producing lactic acid within the muscles. At a […]

workout-ideas Ladies Workout Tips - Two Female Workout Ideas

Two Female Workout Ideas Two proven workouts for the female body include yoga and dance. Yoga works to both strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the body while improving concentration. Dance provides excellent cardiovascular exercise to boost metabolism while being fun at the same time. One of the most beneficial yoga poses is the Plank […]

Ladies Fitness Resources - Ladies Stay Motivated to Exercise

ladies Stay Motivated to Exercise One of the most difficult steps in achieving fitness is staying motivated. The problem with staying motivated is our general interest in what we are doing, if the activity is fun, we look forward to it; if it is boring we tend to lose interest very quickly. Below are some […]

Diets & Supplements - Why Most Fad Diets Fail

Why Most Fad Diets Fail Fad diets are diets that encourage and promote quick weight loss without putting in much effort. There are so many of this being advertised in the market. More often than not, they leave the user frustrated due to the restrictions that comes with such plans. For fad diets, the person […]